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Best Grafting Knife
You would have to waste hours to find the best grafting knife yourself. There are hundreds of grafting knife from different manufacturers and it is nearly impossible to compare all of them. That is why we want to make your life easier with our top and top 30 lists of the best grafting knife on the market.

Our team had to look through hundreds of grafting knife to create this list of the best products. We thoroughly compared them using such aspects as material, weight, cost, assembly quality, and many other details. Feel free to contact us and suggest any ideas if you think that we have missed something in our list.

Top 3 Grafting Knife of 2018

Name and Features Image Rating Details
1. Zen Garden Grafting (Editor’s Choice)
Right bevel to cut away from your body to minimize the risk of bodily injury (right handed user).
Zen Garden Grafting
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2. GORCHEN Garden Grafting Pruning Pruner Tool Kit Set Plant Branch Twig Vine Fruit Tree Graft Cutting Scissors Shear Omega-Cut U-Cut V-Cut
3 replaceable grafting cutting blades(.
GORCHEN Garden Grafting Pruning Pruner Tool Kit Set Plant Branch Twig Vine Fruit Tree Graft Cutting Scissors Shear Omega-Cut U-Cut V-Cut
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3. Full Metal Professional Grafting Tool
Cut an anastomotic interface with high effiency, save 40% of the time and energy than traditional grafting methods and provide a 90% or higher success rate.
Full Metal Professional Grafting Tool
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№ 1. Zen Garden Grafting and Budding Knife for Left and Right Handed Use, Includes Electronic Pdf Practical Guide to Grafting and Airlayering By Email

Includes electronic pdf format grafting & airlayering guide by email – there are techniques in this guide that cannot be found in the internet. The pdf guide is included with the purchase and will be emailed to the buyer after amazon fulfills the order. Buyer must be able to receive messages from seller. If you opted out, you must re-enable if you wish to receive the pdf. Straight edge – left bevel for making downward motions cuts & veeneer cuts on rootstockright (right handed user). Uncoventional – other than the kiridashi (expensive japanese bonsai grafting knife), there are no other grafting knife like this in the market. Hawkbill blade – right bevel to cut away from your body to minimize the risk of bodily injury (right handed user).

Left & right handed – two different beveled blades for left and right hand use.


Top Pros
Hawkbill blade
Left & right handed
Straight edge
Top Cons
I have not had any problems.



3 replaceable grafting cutting blades( -cut u-cut v-cut) can make precision and clean cut. Pruning blade(3mm thick) is ideal for removing useless leaves, twigs and stems without changing the tool. Handles are made from abs plastic, the rest part and blades are made from high carbon steel, chrome treated for durable sharp. Able to cut grafting plants’ twig whose diameter is range from 5mm-1.4cm/0.2″-0.55″. Different from traditional grafting tool, this product does pruning and grafting at the same time, easy to use and more efficient.


Top Pros
Pruning blade
3 replaceable grafting cutting blades
Different from traditional grafting tool
Handles are made from abs plastic
Top Cons
The housing looks good but feels very fragile.


№ 3. Full Metal Professional Grafting Tool for Fruit Trees with Sk5 Steel Blades and Aluminum Alloy Handle, V-cut Grafting Knife with 4 5 Cutting Depth and 1 5 to 4 5 Cutting Diameter, By Areally

The sk5 high-carbon blade will make the cuts smooth to be a perfect fit, improve greatly the success rates. Full metal material, very strong and durable, does not rust: the handle and body are made of premium aluminium alloy, it s very durable and comfortable to hold, non-slip, and will not rust in when cleaning or using. Cut an anastomotic interface with high effiency, save 40% of the time and energy than traditional grafting methods and provide a 90% or higher success rate. Please be slow to cut the twigs when grafting, to make sure the blade will have a long life time. Makes compatible cuts on both scion and root stock.

Deep grafting depth and large range of cutting diameter of twigs: grafting depth: 2cm(4/5″); suitable for plants’ twig whose diameter ranges from 0.5cm to 2cm(1/5″ to 4/5″).


Top Pros
Deep grafting depth
The sk5 high-carbon blade will make
Cut an anastomotic interface
Full metal material
Top Cons
The material quickly heats up, making the product impossible to use in summer.

Are there anything special that I should know before buying a grafting knife?

Marketplace provides a myriad of convenient features to help you compare and choose grafting knife. It also aggregates thousands of reviews from people all over the world. Always read them before choosing a grafting knife!

What exactly I should pay my special attention to when choosing a grafting knife?

If you are buying a grafting knife for the fist time in your life and do not really know much about it, you should always look carefully for user reviews from other customers. Learn from the experience of other people and try to find a grafting knife according to its material and assembly quality.

What did you do to create the TOP list of grafting knife?

We sincerely wanted to help our readers, so our team spent many hours comparing various grafting knifefrom different manufacturers. It was not easy, since we had to find a way to include both cheap and expensive grafting knifein our rating list. That is why we decided to make the price/quality ratio the determining factor. No matter what your budget is, you can use our guide to choose the best grafting knife in the preferred price category.

Are there any reasons to buy grafting knifewith a lifetime warranty?

Companies that make grafting knifeoffer all kinds of warranties for any taste. Usually, cheap models have only a 6-month warranty or do not have it at all. Average users recommend choosing a grafting knife with a two-year warranty, but we believe that the five-year warranty is much better and safer. At the same time, our team would not recommend you to buy models with a lifetime warranty since the vast majority of them is significantly overpriced.

Is there a way to get my money back for a grafting knife?

If you receive a wrong or a broken grafting knife, seller will oblige the seller to return your money or send you a replacement. There is no need to worry about refunds anymore thanks to the amazing customer-friendly policy!

What warranty should a grafting knife have?

You should buy grafting knifefrom brands with customer-friendly warranty policy. Trustworthy grafting knife manufacturers offer two-year or even longer warranty period. You would not have any problems in case of any issues — simply take a broken product to the service center to get it replaced or fixed.

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