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Best Small Ceramic Heater
Our team conducted a thorough research just to make sure that our list of the best small ceramic heater is completely trustworthy. We recommend you to use it while choosing the right small ceramic heater for your needs.

Our team did a great job making this list. We have looked through many details to pick the best small ceramic heater. Factors like the number of users reviews, product specification, and prices were taken into consideration. Email us if you think that the list can be improved, and we will certainly consider your suggestions.

Our Pick: Best Small Ceramic Heater of 2018

Name and Features Image Rating Details
1. Amazonbasics 1500 Watt Ceramic Space Heater (Editor’s Choice)
1500-watt high setting.
Amazonbasics 1500 Watt Ceramic Space Heater
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2. Bovado Usa 166648 Ceramic Space Heater (Most User-Friendly)
Small in size and lightweight with a convenient carrying handle, this portable heater can take away the chill and warm you up whenever and wherever you need it.
Bovado Usa 166648 Ceramic Space Heater
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3. Tenergy 900w 1500w Ptc Ceramic Heater
With a 15 degree fan tilt, direct air up towards your preferred area with fan-only/ low-heat (900w)/ high-heat (1500w) functions that let you control the hot air output.
Tenergy 900w 1500w Ptc Ceramic Heater
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4. Versiontech Small Space Heater
The heater is mini size (l, w, h.
Versiontech Small Space Heater
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5. Comfort Zone Personal Ceramic Heater
There s no guessing games with this heater.
Comfort Zone Personal Ceramic Heater
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6. Personal Space Heater
Easy-to-use controls with buttons.
Personal Space Heater
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7. Lasko 5307 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater (Best Versatility Features)
High, low, or fan only, all of which feature quietly propelled air.
Lasko 5307 Oscillating Ceramic Tower Heater
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8. Rowenta Silent Comfort Compact Heater
Washable dust filter for long-lasting, efficient operation.
Rowenta Silent Comfort Compact Heater
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9. Portable Space Heater
The mini ceramic heater has two heat settings, 750w and 1, 500w, and also cool fan function.
Portable Space Heater
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№ 1. Amazonbasics 1500 Watt Ceramic Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, Silver

For safety: tip-over switch with auto shut-off and overheat protection with auto shut-off; etl listed. Ceramic space heater with adjustable thermostat for comfortable warmth ideal for home or office. Carrying handle for easy transport; not for use in bathrooms, laundry areas, or other high-humidity rooms. 1500-watt high setting; 3 output options: low, high, or fan only; power indicator light lets you know when it s plugged in. Choice of black or silver color; backed by an amazonbasics limited 1-year warranty.


1500-watt high setting
Carrying handle
Ceramic space heater
I never had any problems.

What warranty should be offered with a decent small ceramic heater?

We recommend all our readers to buy small ceramic heaterwith at least the two-year long warranty period. This is the optimal term for an average small ceramic heater. Instead of overpaying for a lifetime warranty, save the money to buy a new small ceramic heater later.


№ 2. Bovado Usa 166648 Ceramic Space Heater, Personal Warming Fan with Adjustable Thermostat, Carrying Handle and Safety Features, By Comfort Zone (black)

Comfort zone for your safety: as a leader in safety and reliability, comfort zone products are designed and tested to meet strict global quality standards like ul, etl, saa, ce, csa, & nom. Easy to use: simply turn the dial to high or low heat, or fan only, and then, using the other dial, adjust the intensity to your comfort. A red power indicator light shows when the device is on. Super portable power: small in size and lightweight with a convenient carrying handle, this portable heater can take away the chill and warm you up whenever and wherever you need it. Lower your heating costs: by heating only the room you are in with this heater, you slightly lower your house-wide thermostat, which can save you money on seasonal energy bills.

Savvy technology: these heaters use a positive temperature coefficient (ptc) heating system in which specialized ceramic heating discs enhance the transfer of heat in small spaces.


Savvy technology
Lower your heating costs
Super portable power
Easy to use
Warranty period is hilariously low.

Are there any reasons to buy small ceramic heaterwith a lifetime warranty?

The recommended warranty period depends on how often you use your small ceramic heater, how expensive is it, what company made it, and many other factors. Manufacturers sell their most expensive products with a lifetime warranty, while the least expensive small ceramic heatermight be not guaranteed at all. We think that the best warranty period for a good small ceramic heater is five years.


№ 3. Tenergy 900w 1500w Ptc Ceramic Heater with Auto Shut Off, Portable Space Heaters with Adjustable Thermostat for Home Bedroom, Personal Desk Heaters for Office

Powerful and compact with a modern look – the tenergy 900w/1500w ceramic personal heater has a lightweight portable design where its coils will heat faster to generate quick and even heating throughout the room. Controllable comfort – with a 15 degree fan tilt, direct air up towards your preferred area with fan-only/ low-heat (900w)/ high-heat (1500w) functions that let you control the hot air output. The additional adjustable thermostat can be set to maintain the desired temperature in your room. This is one of the best portable heaters for home, office and bedroom. Etl certified & 2 years extended warranty – built with flame-retardant case and premium circuitry, this heater meets the rigorous safety standards of etl.

Quick heating for instant warmth – using a ceramic heating element, the fan-forced heater begin to get hot within 3 seconds to generate a fast amount of heat to reach the desired temperature. Backed with safety – the tenergy personal heater has an automatic shut off feature to prevent overheating once the electric fan heater senses an internal temperature of 179.6 f (82 c).


Etl certified & 2 years extended warranty
Backed with safety
Controllable comfort
Inconvenient to use.

What exactly I should pay my special attention to when choosing a small ceramic heater?

One of the most important factor of any small ceramic heater is its material. It has to be durable and easy to clean. If you want to find a small ceramic heater that will serve you for many years, you will have to buy an expensive model made out of the best materials.


№ 4. Versiontech Small Space Heater, Versiontech Personal Portable Mini Electric Ceramic Heater, Over-heat Protection, Tilt-protection, Multifunctional Rotatable Warm and Natural Wind for Home Office

Friendly design,: automatic oscillating tower heater design, convenient to use, quickly transport the heat but not too high temperature with antisuperheating system. Note: it will continue to work for about 20 seconds after turning off the power. It’s a gift for relatives and friends in a cold winter, and full of love in the warm air. Portable mini heater,: the heater is mini size (l, w, h:, weight: 2.4lb) easy to carry though the back carrying handle, allows you to use the product at anytime and in anywhere. Note: when you pick up the product, please gently put him down. Four seasons available,: three modes: comfortable warm air: 450w; strong warm air: 950w; natural wind: 5w. To accompany USA through the four seasons. Note: red light means warm air, blue light means natural wind with a bar light display.

Secure buying,: this product has overheating protection, the heating body adopts ptc ceramics, the fuselage adopts imported abs flame retardant material, reaching v0 grade flame retardant.


Portable mini heater
Secure buying
Four seasons available
Friendly design
Works inconsistently.
It costs too much money.



Save money and energy: by lowering your whole house thermostat slightly and just heating the room you re in with your new comfort zone portable heater, you can lower your seasonal energy bills. Stay warm and save money together. Product specifications: package contains comfort zone personal ceramic heater, white. Power indicator light and power switch. Advanced safety system: the comfort zone personal ceramic heater features overheat protection sensor causing the heater to shut down if it gets too hot. It also has a stay cool housing to prevent burns and fires, making it one of the safest personal heat source options. Full line variety: comfort zone heaters includes fan forced heaters, ceramic heaters, tower heaters, radiant heaters, convection heaters, oil-filled heaters and quartz infrared heaters.

Apparent power indicator light: there s no guessing games with this heater. The visible power indicator light lets you know whether your product is on or off. The rear power switch has two discernable to keep everything clear and concise.


Full line variety
Product specifications
Apparent power indicator light
Advanced safety system
The cost is inexplicably high.
The material is not flexible, so it is easy to break.


№ 6. Personal Space Heater, 5-inch Portable Electric Ceramic Heater with 3 Setting, Over-heat Protection, Tip-over Protection, Carrying Handle,, 950 Watt Warming Mini Heater Fan

90 degree oscillating space heater: easy-to-use controls with buttons. Oscillates for wide area heating. Warming ceramic heater fan: ptc ceramic heating technology, heat-up within seconds. Big fan design, high efficiency air convection. Adjustable electric heater with 3 setting: 950-watt high heat.450-watt low heat, fan only. Portable mini fireplace heater, 5x 5x 8-inch(l, w, h) small size, back recessed handle, easy to carry and move. Safety personal heater: v-0 heat-resistant plastics, safety protection, tip over protection, ideal for home/school /office personal use.


Safety personal heater
Warming ceramic heater fan
90 degree oscillating space heater
Portable mini fireplace heater
Adjustable electric heater
Quickly becomes wet due to cheap materials.



Choose your ideal heat setting: high, low, or fan only, all of which feature quietly propelled air. This no hassle heater comes fully assembled, ready to plug in, turn on, and heat your home. You can either get direct heat, perfect for warming your feet under your desk, or oscillating heat, perfect for warming a small room. This heater is fully equipped with built in safety features so you don’t have to be nervous about having it in your home with children or pets. Designed for either floor or table top use, this heater is versitile enough to warm any space in your home.


This no hassle heater comes fully assembled
This heater is fully equipped
You can either get direct heat
Choose your ideal heat setting
Requires professional maintenance.


№ 8. Rowenta Silent Comfort Compact Heater So9260 Ceramic 1500-watt, Black

Durable ceramic heating element and powerful, soundless fan for thorough, efficient, room-warming airflow. Compact & powerful: personal heater provides ultra-quiet performance and powerful heat for rooms up to 210 sq. Easy transport: thanks to an integrated cool-touch handle. Long-lasting performance: washable dust filter for long-lasting, efficient operation; stay-cool housing for added safety. 1500w of power; adjustable temperature; double overheat protection and stand-by light for safety.


Long-lasting performance
Durable ceramic heating element
Easy transport
Compact & powerful
It is a great product, but the price is too high.


№ 9. Portable Space Heater, 1500w Mini Ceramic Heater with Overheating and Tip-over Protection, Hot and Cool Fan Oscillating Indoor Heater with Adjustable Thermostat for Desk Floor Office Home Small Rooms

Important safety notices: vivreal offers 2-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee for this portable space heater. Please note these for 100% safety: to avoid burns, do not let bare skin touch hot surfaces. In order to avoid overheating, do not cover the heater. Do not use the heater in the immediate surroundings of a bath, a shower or a swimming pool. Easy control with 3 settings: the mini ceramic heater has two heat settings.750w and 1.500w, and also cool fan function. So you can set the control switch to low, high and cool fan to achieve the desired heat and dispersal, depending on the room temperature. This home heater comes with an adjustable thermostat so you can control how warm you are. Note: please put this heater in your front for warming up your personal space quickly and evenly. Fast warm up for staying comfortable: are you still afraid of staying cool rooms when the winter comes around. The vivreal kpt-150 0586b mini heater is made for those chilly days in your house or at the office. The compact size provides effective, consistent warmth for small rooms up to 190 sq. Stay warm and comfortable in nearly any small space when the weather turns for the worst once you pick up this portable space heater. Overheating & tip-over protection: this portable indoor heater has a self-regulating element and automatic overheating protection for added safety. The space heater will automatically shut it off once it gets too hot and back to work once it gets to a safe temperature inside. This ceramic heater also has a tip-over safety switch, which shuts the heater off if it gets knocked over accidentally to help prevent accidents.

Oscillating function & easy to move: this energy efficient space heater is equipped with 90 degrees oscillation function for reliable heating performance. The multi-purpose ceramic heater also features integrated carry-handles, making it very easy to carry, take it from the floor to the table or wherever it is needed the most. Besides, this desk heater body can stay cool except the metal mesh during operation.


Oscillating function & easy to move
Overheating & tip-over protection
Easy control with 3 settings
Important safety notices
Requires delicate care.

What are the risks of buying a small ceramic heater online?

Nowadays, online shopping is completely safe. In fact, it might even be safer than regular shopping, since you do not have to leave your home to buy products you need. There is nothing dangerous in buying small ceramic heater. After all, you can always get a refund if you will not like the model you bought or you received it in a malfunctioning condition.

What do I have to do in order to get a refund for a small ceramic heater?

Shop has a customer-friendly return policy, which means that you will not have any difficulties returning your money. If there is something wrong with your small ceramic heater, you only need to contact the customer support and ask for a refund. However, you should carefully read the item’s description before buying a small ceramic heater.

How much money do I need to buy the best small ceramic heater?

The best small ceramic heaterare not always the most expensive. However, the bigger the price is — the better the quality of a product. This rule is also applies to small ceramic heater, so if you want to get a good model we recommend you to not be too stingy.

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