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Summer is the best season for family bonding. Your kids do not have to go to school, the weather is nice and warm, and the beaches are so inviting! Swimming is among the most popular and interesting summertime activities for children and adults. A trip to the swimming pool or beach will deliver you even more fun if you take a water mat with you.

Top 10 Best Water Pads & Floating Water Mats

  1. Rubber Dockie Duckling
  2. Maui Mat Floating Foam Fun Pad
  3. Redneck Convent RC
  4. Aqua Lily Pad
  5. Rosso Water Floating Fortress
  6. Original Aqua Lily Pad
  7. Goplus Floating Water Pad
  8. Flotation IQ: Floating Oasis
  9. SOWKT Floating Water Mat
  10. Outdoor Basic Floating Pad

Your family will be able to enjoy the water on a huge, floating, cozy mattress. If you are not sure what mat you should buy, don’t worry. I’ve collected better products on the market to help you out! On this page, you will find the rating list of the best floating mattresses, as well as a short buying guide.

Comparison Table of Water Pads and Floating Water Mats

Name and Features Image Dimensions Details
1. Rubber Dockie Duckling 9×6-Feet Floating Mat

  • Weight: 16 pounds
  • For age: 1 month – 8 years
Rubber Dockie Duckling 9x6-Feet Floating Mat 108 x 72 x 1.4 inches Read reviews
2. Maui Mat (by Aqua Lily Products: Floating Foam Fun Pad Designed for Water Recreation and Relaxing (20ft)

  • Weight: 46.8 pounds
  • For age: 24 months and up
Maui Mat (by Aqua Lily Products: Floating Foam Fun Pad Designed for Water Recreation and Relaxing (20ft) 73 x 23 x 21.5 inches Read reviews
3. Redneck Convent RC for Lake Giant Pool Float Lake Toys, 18’ x 6’ Foot

  • Weight: 36.6 pounds
  • For age: –
Redneck Convent RC | Floating Water Mat Floating Lily Pad Float Aqua Mat Floating Mat for Lake Giant Pool Float Lake Toys, 18’ x 6’ Foot 74 x 22 x 22 inches Read reviews
4. Aqua Lily Pad Bullfrog 20′ x 6′ (3 ply) Floating Foam Pad (For Lakes, Pools, Rivers)

  • Weight: 60 pounds
  • For age: –
Aqua Lily Pad Bullfrog 20' x 6' (3 ply) Floating Foam Pad (For Lakes, Pools, Rivers) 240 x 72 x 1.8 inches Read reviews
5. Rosso Water Floating Fortress 18ft Floating Lake Water Pad Foam Mat For Boating, Lake, Ocean with Non-absorbent Tear Stop Technology

  • Weight: –
  • For age: 1 month and up
Rosso Water Floating Fortress - 18ft Floating Lake Water Pad Foam Mat For Boating, Lake, Ocean with Non-absorbent Tear Stop Technology 72 x 26 x 26 inches Read reviews
6. Original Aqua Lily Pad – 18′ x 6′ (2 ply) with 2 straps and tether

  • Weight: 45 pounds
  • For age: –
Original Aqua Lily Pad -- 18' x 6' (2 ply) with 2 straps and tether 216 x 72 x 1.4 inches Read reviews
7. Goplus Floating Water Pad for Lakes Floating Foam Fun Mat Aqua Pad Designed for Water Recreation and Relaxing (9′ x 6′)

  • Weight: 19.6 pounds
  • For age: 10 months and up
Goplus Floating Water Pad for Lakes Floating Foam Fun Mat Aqua Pad Designed for Water Recreation and Relaxing (9' x 6') 106 x 72 x 1.5 inches Read reviews
8. Flotation IQ: Floating Oasis

  • Weight: 50 pounds
  • For age: 24 months and up
Flotation IQ: Floating Oasis 180 x 72 x 18 inches Read reviews
9. SOWKT [Newest Model] 18 x 6 Feet Floating Water Mat – Floating Island for Lakes or Pools – Giant Pool Float Holds up to 8 Adults or 20 Kids. Unlimited Fun!

  • Weight: 34.8 pounds
  • For age: –
SOWKT [Newest Model] 18 x 6 Feet Floating Water Mat - Floating Island for Lakes or Pools - Giant Pool Float Holds up to 8 Adults or 20 Kids. Unlimited Fun! 73.7 x 23 x 21.1 inches Read reviews
10. Outdoor Basic Floating Pad Aqua 12×6 Ft Water Mat

  • Weight: –
  • For age: –
Outdoor Basic Floating Pad Aqua 12x6 Ft Water Mat 70.86 x 18.5 x 18.5 inches Read reviews


Best Water Pads & Floating Water Mats: Product Reviews


№ 1. Rubber Dockie Duckling 9×6 – Feet Floating Mat

The best price/quality ratio.

I bought this floating mat for my family vacation at the lake. My wife and I wanted to provide our children with a safe and convenient water pad that would not be too heavy and will be easy to use. This floating mat from Rubber Dockie turned out to be a great product!

First of all, it is huge. It is big enough to fit the whole bunch of four adult people or even more kids. Despite that, it is not heavy at all! My little daughter can easily carry it around herself. This water mat can be rolled up after use for transport, although it is hard to do without help. Doing it all alone will take you a lot of time since the pad is very big.

In the second place, the price is amazing. In comparison to other products at Amazon, this water mat from Rubber Dockie costs nothing! The price seemed suspiciously low when I ordered it, but I was pleasantly surprised by its quality. It is made from high-quality rubber, which looks great on the water.

I highly recommend this Rubber Dockie water pad for everyone who is looking for a big inexpensive solution. The package includes a long elastic bungee tether that you can use to anchor this mat to stationary objects.


It is big enough for four adults;
The price is amazingly low;
Easy to unroll;
Does not require inflation;
It is very light given its size;
Comes with a convenient tether.
It is hard to roll up without help.



№ 2. Maui Mat by Aqua Lily Products (20 ft.): Floating Foam Fun Pad Designed for Water Recreation and Relaxing

The best choice for a big family.

This is another huge water mat intended for use by big group of people. It comes in different sizes: 14, 20 and 22 ft. I bought the middle-sized version: 20 ft. version can support up to 1300 pounds (590 kilograms), which is more than enough for us. Moreover, 22 ft. water mat costs nearly 40% more — in my opinion, it is too expensive.

According to the manufacturer, this water pad is made out of exclusive two-layer cross-linked foam material with the use of patented FlexCore Technology. It is only 1-3/8 inches thick, but it should survive even the most sun-filled summers. I have been using it for two years and so far, it worked just fine.

This water mat is indeed very durable. It looks as good as new even though my children have actively used it for two seasons. It floats like a charm with five kids on top of it, which is a great result! The water pad is big enough to fit about eight people. Some buyers from Amazon even use it for fishing since it can stand on the water very stable and it is hard to flip over.

The only thing I do not like about this product is that it does not have any grommets with ties. They would be very helpful! In the rest, it is a great water mat for family use.


Easy to roll up and unroll;
Made from a very durable material;
Big enough for up to 8 grown-ups;
It is lightweight.
This water mat is a bit pricey, especially the biggest version;
I wish there were grommets with ties at each corner.



№ 3. Redneck Convent RC Floating Water Mat, Giant Pool Float Lake Toys, 18’ x 6’ Foot

The best package.

Yet another big water pad for family use. This product from Redneck Convert, a US-based company, comes with a one-year warranty. Moreover, it offers one of the best packages on the market. Besides the mat itself, it includes a convenient coupling link with safety closure, anchoring grommet, elastic tether leash, and four pliable grommet spacers.

The water pad is made from soft plastic foam, which feels great. It is easy to unroll, though it is rather heavy. The mat can hold up to 1200 pounds of weight, which is enough for a whole family. It does not require any floatation devices or air pumps — it is ready to use as soon as you unroll it. At the end of the day, you can roll the mat up and secure it with the fastening straps that are included in the package.

The material is soft and durable, but colors have faded after a year of use. Because of that, the mat does not look as good as it used to, but my children like it anyway. If you do not mind this and the fact that this water pad is heavier than counterparts, I can recommend it to you since it has a one-year warranty and a nice price.


Comes with a one-year warranty;
The package includes carabiner, tether leash, anchoring grommet and grommet spacers;
It is hard to flip over;
Made from high-quality polyethylene plastic foam;
Does not require inflation;
Holds up to 1200 pounds.
It is rather heavy.



№ 4. Aqua Lily Pad Bullfrog 20′ x 6′ (3 ply) Floating Foam Pad (For Lakes, Pools, Rivers)

The best sturdiness.

If you are looking for the most stable water pad on the market, Aqua Lily Pad is a decent option. This is a big and very sturdy mat, which can support over 1400 pounds (635 kilograms) of weight. It makes it amazing for big family vacations!

The mat consists of three layers: green and yellow foam surfaces and a high-density black middle layer for extra stability. Therefore, this mat is very safe and hard to flip over or perforate. On the other hand, it is very heavy! The mat weights more than 55 pounds (over 25 kilograms), which creates a lot of problem during transport. For the same reason, it is hard to set up.

It is obvious that the manufacturer knew about possible problems caused by the huge weight of this mat, so it comes with Velcro straps that hold the rolled pad in place for easier storage. It also comes with a mooring device that allows you to attach the pad to dock, pier, boat or any other object in order to prevent it from floating away.

If you are traveling by car and ready to spare some place for this bulky water mat, then you should not have many problems with it. It will serve you for many years, but do note: it is hard to storage and takes a lot of time to unroll.


It is very durable;
Children love it;
Comes with Velcro straps and a mooring device;
Nearly impossible to flip over.
It is expensive;
This pad is very heavy;
It is hard to store due to bulkiness.



№ 5. Rosso Water Floating Fortress – 18ft For Boating, Lake, Ocean with Non-absorbent Tear Stop Technology

The best portability.

This water mat offers a decent weight capacity while being relatively light and compact. It is a good alternative to bulky pads for those who do not have much space. The product is made from two layers of soft floatable foam.

According to the manufacturer, this product has a weight capacity of 1200 pounds. It does not seem true for me since it started to sink when five of my friends and I tried to lye on it at once. I would say that it is able to support around 900 pounds, which is still a pretty good result.

Unfortunately, this is definitely not the most durable pad on the market. I noticed many scratches on it after two months of heavy use. If you are looking for a water pad for your children, this is not the best option since they will quickly tear it apart.

This product is aimed at those who want to have a comfortable mat that is easy to carry around and store. You will have to use it accurately, but it should not be a problem if you need a water pad for relaxation. It comes with a 12 ft. long bungee tether and Velcro storage straps, so you will be able to tie it up to any object.


It is inexpensive;
Comes with a convenient bungee tether;
Has straps for storage;
Easy to set up;
It is very light.
You can easily flip it over;
The material is not very durable.



№ 6. Original Aqua Lily Pad (18′ x 6′) 2 ply with 2 straps and tether

The best choice for kids.

My kids love this a beautiful bright-yellow water mat! Moreover, it is not only good-looking, but also safe. This product is made with the use of the double-layer UV-resistant foam, which incorporates Aqua Lily’s “Flex-Core Technology” for strength. At the same time, it is can be easily rolled and unrolled. The technology seems to be working: this water mat supports up to 1300 pounds of distributed weight afloat.

Thanks to the tether system, you can tie this water pad to a dock or any other stationary object. It is very light and easy to flip over, so it is very dangerous to tow it behind moving vehicles or watercrafts. Never do that!

In terms of durability, it is an average product. The colors fade in strong sunlight so the mat does not look as good it used to be. There are no major scratches or wholes, but I have seen many options with much better material.

If you do not want to use Chinese mats, Original Aqua Lily Pad should be a good option for you since it is entirely made in the USA with parts and materials from the USA. Probably, this is the reason why this product is relatively expensive — there are many similar mats on the market that are much cheaper. Therefore, if you do not mind using goods made abroad, I recommend you to buy a different model.


Looks beautiful;
Safe for children;
Does not take up much space;
Easy to set up;
It is made in the USA;
Comes with straps and a tether system.
The quality of the material is below average;
It is too expensive.



№ 7. Goplus Floating Water Pad (9′ x 6′) for Water Recreation and Relaxing

The best price.

This is a cheap middle-sized water mat that is able to support up to 550 lbs. of evenly distributed weight. There is enough space for three persons. It is a very light and convenient use product made from three-layer eco-friendly foam. It keeps the shape very well and does not absorb water. The material does not smell and looks nice. I wash it with simple soap without any problems.

The pad comes with a bungee tether, which prevents it from drifting away. It also has three straps for convenient storage. Rolled up, it does not take up much space and can be easily stored.

Unfortunately, Goplus Floating Water Pad is below average in terms of durability. After a couple of months of use, layers started to fall apart at the edges. I guess it is not the best option for children since they actively toss it around in the water. Moreover, it is easy to flip over due to low weight and the material becomes very slippery after getting wet.

Despite all of that, it is a decent water mat for grown-ups who can treat it gently. It is a very cheap and good-looking product that can deliver you a lot of fun. Usually, I use it myself for sunbathing while my kids are playing with a better water mat. If you want an inexpensive pad for the same purposes — you should consider buying this one.


The material does not smell and keeps the shape;
It is easy to clean;
Set up takes mere minutes.
The material is not intended for heavy use.



№ 8. Flotation IQ: Floating Oasis

Best for large groups.

This is a big and simple water pad that supports of to 1500 lbs. of weight. It is a good option for large groups of people who want to have a good time at the lake. It does not require inflation and comes with a built-in tethering system.

The pad is rather light but it is pretty hard to deploy due to the size. Rolling it up is even harder since it becomes wet and slippery. Moreover, it takes a lot of space even when rolled up. You need to have a large trunk if you are going to use this product.

The most annoying part about this water mat is the tethering system. There is a built-in metal ring on one side of the pad. It became loose after one season of use and started to rip off the material around. Additionally, this metal ring becomes very hot under the sun — I got burned once because of it! It is a very poorly designed tethering system and it might create you a lot of problems.

On the good side, this water mat can carry up to eight persons at once. It looks decent and has a good price. If you need a budget water pad for a large group of people, you might like this product.


Affordable price;
High-quality material;
Can hold up to 1500 pounds without any troubles;
Comes with straps and tether.
The tethering system is inconvenient;
It is hard to deploy;
Takes up a lot of space.



№ 9. SOWKT 18 x 6 Feet Floating Water Mat – Unlimited Fun!

The best non-slip water mat.

This high-quality water pad is a must-have for a summer getaway with friends. It is a beautiful product made of durable anti-slip material that comes with 12-foot tether. It is great for both watersports and sunbathing. I stood on it and it did not even sink for an inch.

Despite the large size, this item is easy to deploy and quick to roll up. It is light, so I can easily set up it myself without any help. Thanks to the anchor system, you can attach the mat to the dock in order to hold it tightly in one place.

The material is durable but it loses color over time and has a bad odor. Unfortunately, a slight smell stayed even after weeks of use. I had to rinse it in my backyard multiple times until it finally became odorless. Other than that, I did not have any problems with this water mat. If you do not have any allergies and do not mind some smell, this water pad from SOWKT should completely satisfy you. However, I do not recommend buying it for kids due to the odor.


It is very cheap;
Provides enough space for up to 10 adults or even more children;
Comes with a tethering system;
Looks nice;
Easy to roll out;
Has a low weight.
The material has a bad odor.



№ 10. Outdoor Basic Floating Pad Aqua 12×6 Ft Water Mat

The best mat for small children.

According to the manufacturer, this inexpensive water mat can hold up to four grown-ups. However, in fact, it starts to sink under more than two adults. Even when I am using it alone, it instantly sinks for about 5 inches, which is very unpleasant. This makes this water pad a terrible option unless you are buying it for kids.

My smaller children love this thing and it holds them afloat without any problems. I use this water mat in the pool when I am not going to swim myself. Thanks to the elastic string for towing, I can keep this mat from floating away while keeping an eye on my kids from the distance.

The material looks nice and does not have any odor, so it is safe for children, but it is very easy to rip. We used this water pad for a whole year but it cracked up an the beginning of the second year of use. However, the product was inexpensive and it looked nice, so I was satisfied with it. It is small, easy to deploy, quick to roll up and very soft.

If you need a small water mat for your children, it is a good option for an affordable price. I used it to teach my daughter swim and it did its job perfectly. Nevertheless, do note that it will not last for a long time.


The price is good;
Good-looking design;
Easy to set up and store;
Perfect for small kids.
Not suitable for adults;
Will not last for long.

Water Pads and Floating Water Mats Buying Guide

Sunbathing on a good floating water mat is a very pleasant pastime during summer. Those who have never done it before definitely should give it a try! A high-quality floating water pad allows you to perform many fun watersport activities. You will be able to literally walk on water! In this mini-guide, I will help you to find the best floating pads. You will also find useful tips and tricks about maintaining water mats.

Factors to consider while buying a water mat

When buying a water mat, you should keep an eye on the following factors:

Construction material

The most important specification of a water pad is the material used to construct it. This is exactly what sets high-quality products apart from the rest options on the market. If the material is good, your floating mat will last for many seasons and deliver you a lot of fun.

The best floating mats are those that made from high-quality grade foam materials. Moreover, they should be covered with a durable outer membrane, which protects the surface of the floating pad from tears and scratches.

If you want your mat to look good for as long as it is possible, you should buy products with an Ultraviolet stabilization layer, which prevents the inner foam layers from the sunrays. Carefully read reviews from other buyers to see whether the water pad you like is suitable for heavy use.

Weight capacity

Obviously, another important factor to consider is the capacity of a floating mat. Buy it according to the size of your family or the number of friends you want to have aboard at the same time. The rule of thumbs is to consider the highest capacity to make sure there will be enough space for everyone.

However, you should not buy the biggest water mat on the market if you have a small family or going to use the mat alone. Huge pads are very heavy and hard to deploy, so there is no point of buying them unless you are planning to swim with multiple people at once.

If you have a large family, choose from three-layer floating mats since they are thicker and much more reliable than two-lawyer or one-layer options.

Water pad stability

The kinds of activities that can be performed on a water mat are determined by its stability. The cheapest products are only meant for sunbathing, while versatile options are suitable for various water sports activities.

Of course, the most stable water mats are usually more expensive, but they totally worth their money.

Tips and tricks to maintaining floating mats

  • Clean your water pad with water to remove debris;
  • If the mat develops some stain, remove it with a soft sponge and a soap;
  • Carefully rinse the soap before storing it;
  • After rinsing the mat, dry it out before rolling it up for storage;
  • Keep the water mat away from sharp and pointed objects. In most cases, you will not able to repair it since it is very difficult.
  • Do not keep the mat in the sunlight when it is not on the water. UV treatment will quickly degrade and cause fading of the color finish.


If you want to have a great time on the water, buy a good floating mat for you and your friends. If you have kids, they will be extremely happy to jump off of them! There are tons of enjoyable activities that can be done with a good mat. Thanks to my buying guide, you will be able to find the most suitable product for your needs and get yourself the best option that money can buy.

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